Time for an Update on The Blog

tough decisions ahead
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Time for an Update on The Blog

*** This is not an April Fools Joke ***

So I have been a bad blogger lately, I haven’t been feeling the whole writing thing, hell I haven’t really been feeling the whole “living” thing lately. My Rheumatoid Arthritis has been dueling with my Fibromyalgia and I’m the one stuck in the middle. So let’s get some things updated.

I had a doctor’s appointment today to see my Rheumatologist and she wants me to start a new medication as the Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t working for me. So I’m a little frustrated here, as I started Hydroxychloroquine to get off of the other medications (Gabapentin and Diclofenac) for pain. I ended up taking all three and even had to up the Gabapentin from 1800mg a day to 2100mg a day. Since the Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t working for me she wanted me to try Methotrexate or Enbrel. I looked at the pros and cons of both and I decided that Enbrel was a better-sounding solution for me.

Methotrexate just didn’t seem to fit into my lifestyle,  I would have to stop caffeine as well as alcohol, and I do like to chill with a Coke and Bourbon every now and then. But that wasn’t the only reason, some of the side effects seem to be more than with Enbrel, plus on the Facebook groups I belong to, it seemed like more real people were having real relief from Enbrel over Methotrexate.

Hopefully, you will start to see more posts, fingers crossed.

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