Driver’s License

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Driver’s License

So yes, another week of turmoil. I made the decision to move my prescriptions from Costco in-store to Costco online and that has caused a freaking shit show at this point. They are taking weeks to get here and I have one day left of Gabapentin. Maybe it is a sign to say screw it and stop the meds altogether????

I got a great letter from the DMV telling me that they are taking my license away due to my being on Gabapentin. I have to appeal now, ugh.  I mean, how irresponsible of them to immediately assume that a person is on Gabapentin for seizures and not something else like, pain!!!! If I don’t appeal and fill out the required forms, they will suspend my license. It is during COVID and I have six weeks to get an appointment and get them the documents, what a bunch of ass-hats.

I have a doctor’s appointment on the first of April with my Rheumatologist to get the DMV paperwork signed and look at something other than my current meds that aren’t working.

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