Sometimes I’m Just A Dizzy Blonde

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Sometimes I'm Just A Dizzy Blonde

I’m not sure if it was medication, or something else, but the other day, I had a few mildly alarming dizzy spells. I stood up to go to bed and about 60-80 seconds later as I was at the bottom of the stairs to head to bed, things started to spin and I felt very dizzy. Now, I have had orthostatic hypotension spells before, but I don’t think that is what this was as there was such a long time span between standing and getting dizzy. I waited a good 30-40 seconds to see if it would pass, and it partially subsided, as I pet my cat (Dot). Dot always escorts me to bed and makes sure I get into bed. She is so much more than a pet, so much more like my support animal. If I’m home that cat is most likely no further than 5-6 feet from me. When I telework, I close the office door and she will “knock” on it (head but) and if I don’t answer, she tries to turn the knob.

Alright, back to the original topic. I’m kneeling on the stairs, petting Dot. Once I’m don’t with Dot (she will let me know when I’m done, lol), I slowly crawled up the stairs and that is when my hearing started to get really muffled so I quickly sat down, thinking I was going to pass out. That muffled sound lasted for about 30-40 seconds and then I stood back up and made my way to bed, still slightly dizzy. As Dot “tucked” me into bed (she makes sure I’m laying down before he heads back downstairs. The dizzy spell didn’t completely go away for another few minutes.

That was odd and not normal, noted.

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