Is Grandma Safe?

Is Grandma Safe?
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Is Grandma Safe?

This video really pisses me off. But, here is some back story first. It has been reported that this is a senior care facility in Georgia. The company that owns this facility is “Thrive Senior Living“, which owns several facilities in Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, and Texas. What pisses me off, is not just the act of abuse, it is how people, in general, treat the elderly in general.

My wife and I moved her mother down from Ohio to live near us. For five years, she lived in Virginia, a few miles away from us, she lived in a senior apartment complex, but not a care-type facility. Basically, she lived in an apartment on her own, but the apartment complex was only for seniors. We visited at least weekly and as often as we could. Sadly she passed away a few years ago, from complications from COVID.  But while she was living in the apartment, we heard way too many stories about how the lady in 4C and her family is taking all of her money. Or the lady in 6A, who hasn’t seen or heard from her family in many years. Or the man in 1E, who doesn’t have any food and his family doesn’t care.  And the couple in 2B can’t afford to turn on the heat. It really is sad and I hope you take care of your grandparents and your parents.

It was really sad to learn about all these people who are in living the final chapter of their lives and they are alone, cold, and hungry and their family doesn’t care. In many cases, the family is their offspring (children) and their lives are just too busy to make time for Mom and Dad. Hell many of the kids today, know nothing of their Grandma or Grandpa.

My adult children didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with their grandparents as I did, but we now live 500 miles away from them, so they got to see them once every few years when we would go see them or they would see us. Growing up, we spent at least one weekend a month with my grandparents from my mom’s side, until they passed. I never really got to know my grandparents from my dad’s side.

Alright back to this video. No person, regardless of age, or mental status should ever have to be treated this way. If you slow the video down and analyze it some, you find a ton of disturbing things. Like why is this elderly lady not wearing any pants? I’m not sure what the care nurse is trying to do. On the surface, it looks like she is trying to give her, her medication, but her hands are nowhere near the lady’s mouth. Why was it necessary to use so much force on this lady? Why didn’t the person filming do something to stop it?

The story behind the video is that June Campbell heard the struggle and started to film it. The video showed a caregiver (Reine Smith) hitting and slapping 89-year-old Evalyn Hall, a resident who lived at The Social in Savannah. The police arrested Smith some 50 days after the event and charged her with exploitation, infliction of pain, and deprivation of essential services to an elderly person

I encourage you to read the rest of the story, many of these care facilities are not what they seem.

Remember, this is your mom or dad or your grandma or grandpa. They would really love to spend time with you. They love their family, so take some time and get to know them.

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