Just No Respect For The Military

MARPAT - USMC - Marine Corps Camo Pattern
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Just No Respect For The Military

She has no respect for the military, this has to stop. What is this crap, a sleeve from a Charlie shirt with Corporal chevrons, half of an Alpha blouse, half of Dress Blues with Sgt chevrons? I’m at a loss for words on this bull shit. And I bet she thinks it is really cool to wear it. 

Judge Mathis TV Show
What the hell and a Judge allowed this shit in his courtroom? I guess anything for ratings.
Rapper 50 Cent

It reminds me of the time that rapper 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) thought it was cool to disgrace the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform, by wearing it at concerts and a photo shoot. And then he wore an Alpha blouse and of course with medals. Then for his G-Unit project, Lloyd Banks had to wear some LCpl chevrons upside down.

G-unit soldiers
G-Unit Soldiers on the cover of Foundation
Blue light - 50 cent G-Unit lighted dress blues
Captain Jack

Then there is the German group Captain Jack who wore the Dress Blue coat for some videos.

Lancey Foux

I guess if all these asshats can disrespect the uniform, then so can rapper Lancey Foux.

Lancey Foux in a Dress Blue Alpha jacket with Sgt Chevrons
Jared Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars

It appears that one of his favorite outfits to wear on stage is this shit. I guess he was one of those “I was almost a Marine”, as he also is selling a line of eye cream, called “Twentynine Palms”.

Jared Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars in a USMC dress blues jacket with Sgt stripes on stage at a concert
BigBang (빅뱅) South Korean Music Group

Hell, even music bands from other countries are showing disrespect for our uniform. This is the south Korean band called BigBang. Here is Dong Youg-bae (stage name of Taeyang) wearing it for a photo shoot and at an event.

For Sale On The Internet

For about $56 US Dollars (4,200 Rubles) you can buy this jacket with red piping, that remarkably similar to the U.S. Marine Corps desk blues jacket. I can see that the neck is different as it has snaps. Looking at the photos, the buttons look different. They are just about everywhere and being sold as Goth or Steam Punk.

Fake as fuck buttons
Black Military Red Piping Jacket with Gold Buttons

For $108, you can go to Alibaba and purchase a “US Stand Collar Captain Uniform For Officer Merchant Officer Uniform” and you will get one of these babies.

US Stand Collar Captain Uniform For Officer Merchant Officer Uniform

The world is full of posers and haters and too few will put their money where their mouth is. I know that this post will get a bunch of haters, claiming BS about “art’, “freedom of speech” and shit like that. Simply put, it isn’t difficult to show respect for those that have fought for your ass to be able to claim it is “art” and “freedom of speech”. I’m proud of my military service and proud of those who have raised their hand and have sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Until you have done that is greater than you and those around you, shut the fuck up, I really don’t care to hear your bullshit.

We all had it tough growing up, and every person I talk to has a story about how tough their childhood was. I don’t care that 50 cent was supposedly selling drugs when he was 12. Most people do not idolize the time in their life that was bad. Stop for one second and think about it, besides a rapper and a few singers, who tell their story of their daddy whipping their ass so hard that it bled, yeah, we know uphill both ways in the snow….? Yeah, that is what I thought. Artists like 50 cent could just an easy hire a real-life military member to wear the uniform correctly in their videos, but they just didn’t care.

They all select the Marine Corps uniforms to idolize, after all, they aren’t hiding the fact that the uniform is from the Corps, so they must really idolize it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I Guess You Can Always Wear This Shit
Well I guess you can always buy this shit (Dress Blues Hoodie)

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