Nuts On A Plane

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Nuts On A Plane

This is so sad that just about every man on the internet who has watched this viral TikTok video, just wants to fuck her. It just proves that most men are pigs. I personally wouldn’t be able to get beyond her voice. This is sad, I mean, the whole take of what happened is, “I want to get into her pants”. 

Photoshop bikini
Someone had some fun with Photoshop and made this for the hounds online!!!

Alright taking all the horny men out of the equation, we have an incident that occurred on July 2nd on American Airlines flight 1009 that departed Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Orlando, Florida.

According to American Airlines, the flight, which was traveling from Dallas-Fort Worth to Orlando, returned to the gate due to “a disruptive customer.”, the incident delayed the flight for over 3-hours, causing the passengers to deplane, the plane to be searched and the luggage to be offloaded and searched as well.

The plane was still on the ground, on the apron, when the unidentified woman started to freak out about someone not being real.

In a very disturbed and whiney voice, the lady goes on to say:

“I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off,” the woman could be heard yelling as she walked up the plane aisle. “And everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two f***s.“
“But I am telling you right now, that motherf***er back there is not real.”

Of course, everyone started to become concerned that she saw an alien or a reptilian shapeshifter. But if you stop and think about what she said and look at it from a different light, you can understand that she just might be outraged about how things are being handled. She never said alien or shapeshifter or anything like that.

The original TikTok user who posted the viral video has since deleted their account, most likely due to threats from those who have seen the video.

Passengers start coming forward and telling their stories. Some said that she was scared of a black man in a green hoodie who sat next to or near her.

Others said that they saw her drinking at the airport bar prior to the flight.

We also have heard that Comedian Carrot Top was also onboard the same flight and he posted a video about it.

There are several TikTok personalities who have made numerous videos about this incident on the plane.

According to passenger @m.leern (Mary Lee),



♬ original sound - M Lee RN

Supposedly the inside story is that a man sitting next to her, who was a black man sitting next to her supposedly stole her AirPods. Passengers also state that they saw the lady drinking prior to the flight.

Supposedly the person who is not real is the black male flight attendant who she was talking to about the man stealing her AirPods.

m.leern has several videos on her TikTok page. She is also seemingly to be getting beaten up by the internet for sharing her story. She has several videos proving that she was actually on the flight.

Supposedly the man that stole the AirPods was wearing a face mask and a baseball cap.

According to a video posted by @blabbertok, she was listening to music and her AirPods just disappeared from her ears. Of course, she accused the man next to her, She called the flight attendant, and then things spun out of control.

According to relatives of the unidentified lady, she is safe, she is at home, and still not willing to talk about the incident. They also back up the story of something missing or misplaced but do not spell out AirPods. They also state that a black man was not involved in any of this. She supposedly wasn’t drunk and doesn’t drink (though several passengers witnessed her drinking before the flight) or on drugs as she doesn’t take medications. According to this relative, the man sitting next to the lady said “I am going to take this whole plane down”

Keep in mind this relative did not state any of this online, it was a friend of a friend of a friend who is a popular TikTok personality @ashlelnok who told the above story. 

Then there is this lady @joysparkleshine who seems to be making a living on this type of bullshit, she has a dozen or more videos about this incident.

So did she see an alien? Was she hallucinating?

Maybe she saw Scooby????

Nearly a month later, what do we actually know?

We know that a  woman onboard an American Airlines freaked the fuck out and nothing more! And a bunch of fame-seeking TikTok people made a ton of useless videos about this, lol.

We also do not yet know who the official identity of the woman is, but some on the internet claim (@Troyyyyyok) that she is Tiffany Gomas age 34, others claim it is a woman named Jenna Wilson, and yet another is a woman named Michelle Davis who looks nothing like the lady.

I have been able to find these other angles of this incident. This is the part that took place before her rant.


Well, I have a valid and confirmed police report that will hopefully shed some light on this entire, bizarre story.

Flight 1009 returned to terminal A, Gate 9 on July 2nd and it was met by DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) Airport Police. The following police report was obtained by a FIOA (Freedom of Information Act) to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Police.

Police Report
So our mystery woman is actually Tiffany Gomas (age 38) of Azle, Texas, and because the internet is, well the internet, her personal details are all over the web, including that she was one of the 20 most watchable young leaders in 2017. Today, she is called the TMFINR (That Mother Fucker Is Not Real) lady. I hope that she gets the help that she needs and can reclaim her life after all this.
Now, if you believe in the whole alien shapeshifter theory, then you might like these two videos

Of course, almost every single example in the two above videos is from old and grainy video that has been compressed too much. Too much compression and you can end up with strange effects:

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