Stewardess, can I have some nuts?

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Stewardess, Can I Have Some Nuts?

It’s Karrinn Knot again and Average Joe is once again allowing me to guest post. Today I have a video of a Karen in the wild, it is of a woman on a Michigan-bound flight who appears to require an Exorcism. I’m not going to try to explain what the hell is going on here since I have no idea myself. I think she might be on drugs like Bath Salts or something. She is totally wigging out here. It takes three men to get her off the plane.

See for yourself

By Karrinn

Hi, my name is Karrinn Knott, I'm an online friend of Average Joe's and I asked him if I could post periodically on his blog as a guest blogger. Much to my surprise, he said sure. He gave me a set of rules, which were, to keep it real, keep it light, keep it fun and when you post, make sure you reference your sources.I personally love to 'people watch' and point out the really stupid things that some people do. Since my name is Karrinn, I tend to point out the Karens in the world, or as I call them "A Karen in the wild".In my day job, I'm required to really be conservative, so this is a great outlet to let off some steam, and poke fun of the 'Karens' out there. I hope that you like my posts and Thank You Average Joe!!!

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