Arby’s Told Me to Fuck Off

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Arby's Told Me to Fuck Off

*** Note *** I thought I had posted this long ago, but I can’t locate it, so here you go.

Rewind to March 2018

No seriously, my family and I were in the drive-thru at our local Arby’s and I hate their curly fries and I always ordered their potato cakes instead. I ordered everyone’s food and it was time for mine when I said that I would take potato cakes, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said “Potato cakes, fuck off”. I was taken aback and I said, I’m sorry, but is that how you speak to customers over the speak, I pulled around and I went inside to talk with the manager. Out waddled this big old girl, who actually defended the employee and said that he didn’t know that his headset mic was active when he said that. Never once in the entire conversation did she actually apologize for what was said to me and my family, she only made excuses for the employee’s actions.

I told her that regardless of his mine being on or not, that is not how you should speak when you are anywhere around customers, and regardless of his mic being on or not, others in the dining room could clearly hear him talking and would have heard him say “fuck off“.

Now, I’m not one to bitch about things that are out of my control, who am I kidding, yes I am, but I seldom complain to a manager about something, but this was really uncalled for. And all she could do was make excuses. I asked why did he say it and he said that potato cakes are a pain to make and he hates making them. Now, I have worked in fast food and I have worked in a restaurant too (before my Marine Corps days) I have watched them making potato cakes, and the process is not that difficult. It requires them to open the bag and pull out the frozen potato cakes, put them in a fryer basket, and then sink the basket in the hot oil. Wait until it is done, pull the basket out of the hot oil, shake it once or twice, and then either dump the basket or use tongs to grab the potato cakes and put them in the to-go container. Now, I’m not sure what is so difficult about that, but I will take this kid’s word for it, I mean after all, they are so difficult that they require telling the paying customer to fuck off, lol.

Arby's potato cakes
I did complain to the corporate office, mostly about the manager, and they apologized to me (lip service) and threw a $20 gift card at me, which I didn’t accept and I boycotted that restaurant for nearly four years, only returning in 2023.
And what really upsets me, is I’m sure this kid is one that feels that he deserves $15 an hour, yet doesn’t have the discipline to shut his mouth and just do the job that he is getting paid for.

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