Plane Crash – Believe it or Not?

TransAsia Airways Flight 235

Believe it or Not?

We have all seen this photo in the past five or more years. So the question is, is it a real photo of a real plane crash, is it CGI or is it from a video game like Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Sadly, the answer is that this is an image from a dash camera of TransAsia Airways Flight 235, from their fatal February 4th, 2015 flight from Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan to Kinmen, Taiwan. The crash involved an ATR 72-600 twin turboprop aircraft, with a tail number B22816.
48 of the 58 souls on board were killed in this tragic accident.
The amazing photo in question is real, captured on dash cameras in several cars driving on the elevated viaduct. In the full video, you can see the plane’s left wingtip strikes the front of a Volkswagen Caddy taxi cab before hitting the concrete guardrail and then tumbling into the Keelung River.
And if you are curious about the Volkswagen Caddy taxi cab
Here is a good documentary of the crash, including an animated crash sequence.

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