Thank You For Your Service

Thank you to our first responders and those that are "mission essential"

Thank You For Your Service

This video rang strong with me, as I struggle when I see someone in uniform, I wish them well, but I know that most of them, like me, do not want attention drawn to them like that. Yes, I wear a USMC hat most of the time, but that is my comfort item, you know, I can let my hair down and relax when I wear it. 

But just because I wear a hat that USMC on it, I honestly don’t want someone to talk to me. Why is that? Me, I’m honestly not a people person. However, if I see another Marine, I try to acknowledge their presence and let them know I’m here if they need any assistance, just like I know he/she is there if I need it. Still doesn’t mean we will ask for it, but it is always there. 

I struggle with how to answer when someone thanks me for my service. Most of the time, I say “thank you for your support”, like in the commercial. 

The below Bud commercial is a great representation of veterans. Thank you Budweiser and Folds of Honor.

Many of us vets struggle with service, we often feel that we need to do more, that is deep down inside us, we have the call for service. 

I was a coach for t-ball, soccer, Cub, and Boy Scout leader, and I wanted to become a reserve police officer. And if I was healthy enough, I’m sure I would want to do more. My health got the best of me, sadly. 

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