Navy Medical and Motrin

Navy Medicine
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Navy Medical and Motrin

If you have never had to use a U.S. Navy medical facility, then you will not get this video, but for those of us who have, we know that it is very accurate.

Doc #1: Yeah, what’s going on?

Doc #2: The patients saying they’re allergic to Motrin.

Doc #1: They’re allergic to what?

Doc #2: Yeah, they’re saying they’re allergic to Motrin and they need to take Tylenol.

Doc #1: What, what is Tylenol?

Doc #2: It’s I mean it’s basically like just like Motrin, but I mean it just is a different name really.

Doc #1: Do we have things other than Motrin?

Doc #2: I mean yeah, what do you think every single box in the pharmacy is all Motrin?

Doc #1: Yeah, I thought it was just like different flavors of Motrin.

Doc #2: No, no we have all different kinds of things. Have you

Doc #1: Have you just been giving literally everyone Motrin?

Doc #2: Yeah, that’s all they taught us to do when we were learning how to be PAs.

Doc #1: So that guy that said he was having anxiety?

Doc #2: Motrin

Doc #1: And the dude that said his mom just died?

Doc #2: Motrin

Doc #1: And what about the guy who says he’s got toxic leadership?

Doc #2: That guy, that guy I told uh Motrin and change his socks.

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