Marine Corps Birthday Brawl

Marine Corps Brawl
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Marine Corps Birthday Brawl

Marines apparently from Weapons Co., 1St Battalion, 23D Marines, Fourth Marine Division (reservists) were enjoying themselves at their Marine Corps Ball yesterday (11/19/23) when an altercation took place. The altercation appears to have started when one woman grabs a phone out of the hands of another and a Marine tries to intervene. Then the altercation turned ugly when one of the civilians, sucker punched one of the Marines three separate times, with the Marine not being phased. I’m not going to go blow by blow on this one, the video is very sharp and clear and you can quickly tell the Marines from the civilians.

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The fight took place at the Voodoo Room nightclub in the historic Sixth Street of Austin’s entertainment district. The brawl didn’t last long as Austin Police and Texas Highway Patrol officers quickly broke the fight up.

No information on any arrests, or punishment for any of the Marines. However, it does appear to be self-defense.

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