Humvees Being Stolen

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Humvees Being Stolen

Over the July 4th holiday, someone stole an up-armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee) from the 579  Engineer Battalion at the Santa Rosa National Guard Armory.

The Hummer had a green camo paint scheme with canvas doors. ID Number FSC3067 is painted on both the front and rear bumpers.

The U.S. Army’s website describes a Humvee as “a lightweight, highly mobile, high-performance, diesel-powered four-wheel drive, air-transportable and air-droppable family of tactical vehicles,” weighing up to 11,500 pounds and having maximum speeds of 70 mph.

A theft from a military facility carries a statutory maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison, the FBI said.

If you have any information about this missing vehicle, please call the California Highway Patrol at (707) 588-1400

The below image is of a humvee painted in the same scheme.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled green camo paint scheme
High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled green camo paint scheme

This isn’t the first recent theft of a Hummer either, another up-armored Humvee was stolen from the Army Reserve Center in San Marcos, Texas in November 2022.

Vehicle number ‘399 TPC A1-6′ is displayed on the front and rear bumper. It was painted tan with a gun turret on the roof. It belongs to the 399th Tactical Psychological Operations Company.

If you have information about this missing vehicle contact the Joint Base San Antonio CID office at (210) 221-1050.

In 2021, the FBI recovered another stolen Humvee from the California National Guard post in Bell, California. This hummer was painted in the green camo scheme, with ID number 40BSBHQ6 painted on both the front and rear bumper.

a recovered hummer
One of the recovered hummers

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