Embarrassing Things That Happen At The Military Base Gate

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Embarrassing Things That Happen At The Military Base Gate

1. I’ve dropped my ID card onto the ground when holding it out. Multiple times. Sometimes the person picks it up. Sometimes I get one that stares at me like, “Am I supposed to get it? Am I your personal servant?”

2. Handed over my credit card instead of my ID card. The MP was like, “Cool, thanks!” in a joking manner.

3. Smacked my hand against the window. I thought it was rolled down. It wasn’t. I was laughed at, naturally. And I hurt my hand.

4. Replied, “The cheese is great,” when asked, “How are you doing?” I’ve no idea why I said this. It was before I had any caffeine and well, I do think about cheese quite a bit.

5. Accidentally flung my ID card into the back seat. I had to actually pull over and find it.

6. Had a coughing fit and the gate guard looked at me like I was diseased. I tried to explain that I just inhaled some dust, but I was coughing so much and couldn’t get it out so yeah, he thought I was diseased.

7. Pulled up right when the “Give it to me, baby!” part of Pretty Fly For A White Guy came on. I think the security forces woman thought I was coming onto her from the expression she had on.

8. Replied with, “I will after lots of Diet Coke and chocolate,” when asked, “Are you having a good day?” I think most expect the generic, “I’m good,” response.

9. I forgot to turn down my headlights and blinded everyone at the gate. They then told my husband “Dude, your wife totally blinded us last night!”

Do embarrassing things happen to you?


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