Costochondritis is a Bitch

CT scan of whole spine 3D rendering showing Profile Human Spine.
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Costochondritis is a Bitch

For me, Costochondritis or Costo is rather bothersome. I can handle pain in a leg or arm, but everything connects to the chest so it is difficult to just sit a certain way so the pain is less. 

For me, sometimes (this can change multiple times in a day), it is just an ache that won’t go away, other times it is a sharp shooting pain, and sometimes it is intense and throbbing. It seems to cover the entire right side of my torso, from my shoulders to my hip bone and in both the front and back of my body. Sometimes (much rare) just for fun and games it is also on the left side of my body.

Some days, I can take my Tramadol and it is livable, other days I have to take hydrocodone and that isn’t cutting it. I hate having to take the narcotic pain meds, it just doesn’t make me feel like, well, me.

What most people fail to understand is how much of your body is connected in some manner to your chest. When I was a teenager, I cracked my sternum in wrestling and that hurt like hell every time I moved my leg it hurt, if I moved my arm, it hurt, if I moved my neck it hurt. That is because everything is anchored to your torso in some manner. And if you piss off your torso, you will know it.

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