Hidden Camera Detection – Part 3

Hidden Camera
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Hidden Camera Detection - Part 3

This is the third post in the Hidden Camera Detection series. The first two posts can be read here (#1, and #2). This time I’m testing the Spy Camera Detector App (by High Quality KK Developers).

Spy Camera Detector App (by High Quality KK Developers), and the very first thing I ran into was an ad, followed by another ad. I got to the menu and once I selected what I wanted to do, I ran into another ad. At that point, I’m done, that is three ads without actually doing anything. I think this should be called the “Spy Camera Detector App and Ad Generator“, Next!

This app was only slightly more impressive than the previous app. I hope it gets better from here.

Between the time I performed my testing and the time I made this post, this particular app was removed from the Google Play store.

Spy Camera Detector

Up next will be Detectify – Detect Hidden Devices (by WonderTech Studio)

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