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Click Farm
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Click Farm

You may have heard about a “like farm” before, but here is an inside look at a Facebook-like farm. Here workers are paid to like businesses, pages, and posts on Facebook.

A click farm or like farm is simply a business that has a business model of generating fake social media likes, followers, clicks, views, and reviews. They often are nothing more than a place with employees and thousands of smartphones that are used to generate these fake results.

This is how some businesses get their likes and reviews. In the videos, you will see both a remotely accessed bank of smartphones and the less technical method of a worker physically swiping around pages to get likes. Though Facebook can detect this, they seem to be more focused on tagging everything with COVID banners and Community Standard violations.

Regardless, the inside look into the Like Farm is rather interesting.

*NOTE* These videos may not play embedded as they have copyrighted music in the background, you can click on them and they will play on YouTube.com

So this poses the question as to why, and that is simple, it is all about money. Most of the click farms are in China or India and they are billion-dollar industries for both countries.

You can read more here – Thai police raid WeChat ‘click farm’, find 347,200 SIM cards, arrest three Chinese men

Next week, we will talk about how to detect fake likes and followers.

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