Farm Work Is Hard – Hose Repair

Hose with a pinhole leak
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Farm Work Is Hard Work - Hose Repair

I have taken the past few weekends, to do some much-needed maintenance at the place we board our horses. The first thing on the agenda was to repair the hose that takes the water from the top of the field to the top of the second field. I ran this hose a while ago and it seems to have sprung a leak in the middle of it. Not entirely sure how, but sure enough there is a small pinhole in the hose. I was feeding the horses when the host sprung the leak on the other side of the concrete wall. It was shooting water some 15 feet into the air, so it really sprung a major leak.

I tried to repair it with Flex Seal tape, and when that failed, I tried the spray and that failed too.

I hit up Home Depot and got a couple of couplers and set to work. I cut the hose a few inches above and below the hole and inserted both of the couplers. If you have never done this before, it is actually very simple, and below are a few photos to help illustrate the process. Basically, you cut the hose, insert the couplers, tighten them, and connect the two ends together.

A few pro tips here:

1. Make sure you have a mating pair of couplers. It sucks when you get the job completed and find out that you have two male or two female couplers, and I’m sorry, but garden hoses are not transgender or gender fluid (see what I did there) by any sense of the word.

2. Use some thread tape on the threads, it really cuts down on the leaks. You can get some at any store that sells the couplers. Just ask for thread tape.

3. Make sure that the female coupler has a rubber washer. Sorry ladies, but the girls wear the rubber when it comes to garden hoses, lol

When the repair job has been completed, you should have a hose that is no longer leaking water, or in my case, a hose that is no longer shooting water 15 feet into the air, lol

And now I have water where I need it in the field and that is great.

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