Gender Bender

DB9 Serial Port Gender Bender
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Gender Bender

I work in IT and in IT, a Gender Bender is a device that converts one type of cable end into another, so it could convert a male HDMI cable end into a female end. In the realm of IT, there are only two genders. But I’m not here talking about IT today, I’m talking about all this talk about there being more than two genders.

Gender is not a social construct, it is a biological term to define the sex of a biological being. We will use humans as biological beings for this blog post. And to make it more simple, we will state that male is XY and female is XX chromosomes. Depending on the source there are well over 100 different genders, and the sad part is that many of them are talking about the same thing. Like ‘Cis’, ‘Cis female’ and ‘Cis woman’, and ‘female’, just to name a few. As I posted in several other posts, I have asked my daughter to help me understand, and often she can’t.

There is a really good video of political commentator, YouTuber, and blogger Matt Walsh speaking at New Mexico State University, who was being asked questions about Gender. One particular question came from Luna, a trans-EMT (Luna does not claim to be born as a biological male, but instead born as intersex and claims that as many people who are transgender as are born intersex). Intersex is a general term used for a variety of situations in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of ‘female’ or ‘male’.

Luna is bending science to agree with their views. Scientifically intersex is born without reproductive or sexual anatomy to be male or female. So if you are born without a penis and identify as a female, but you were not born with a vagina, then you are intersex. But if you were born with a penis and identify as a female, you are NOT intersex, you are trans.

But if Luna is correct then there are a ton of people who are born without atypical genitalia. Approx 1.7% of the world’s population have intersex traits (1-2,000 births). In the United States, 1.4% of the youth population and .5% of the adult population identify as transgender. – Source

The interaction between Matt and Luna goes like “if you are responding to a health emergency, biological male, somebody with a penis, is a, is having a medical emergency, and they say to you, um, I think I’m having a miscarriage, would you, would you check them to see if they are having a mis.., would you consider that a possibility for them?”, Luna is dumbfounded and without words.

I’m personally fine with how you want to identify yourself, what bothers me is when you try to bring others into the mix and you try to influence others that your choice is the right choice. This is more bothersome when adults try to convince their children to be transgender. There are too many transgender kids, and now they want to make it legal to start hormone replacement and surgery as young as four. My now adult daughter didn’t want to get her ears pierced until she was older, when she was younger it was mostly because of the pain, but as she got older, she would state that she was too young to make that kind of decision and didn’t want holes in her ears unless she was sure that she wanted them. She was always a tom girl but did clean up nicely when she wore a dress. But my wife and I never once thought that she should be a boy. She played with Barbies as well as with Legos and some Hot Wheels too. My now adult son played dress up, and played with the occasional Barbie, but mostly he played with “Roger’s” (all of his action figures had the name of ‘Roger’). But my wife and I never once thought he was trans or gay, based on how he played with his toys.

Growing up, I had more female friends than I had male friends. I preferred to be around females and today, I have more female friends than male friends. I found that most males are way too much into sports and though I played soccer and I was very good at it, I didn’t play football and I didn’t play football every night in the street, nor as an adult, I don’t watch games every chance I can. I’m just not that into sports. I don’t consider myself trans or gay either. I know my wife was very much a tomboy growing up, but she is very much female as well.

You can’t just make your kids transgender because it suits you and your beliefs.

Drag Queen

I’m so bugged by all these Drag Queen reading sessions at libraries. If you haven’t heard of this, many libraries around the country are having drag queens read to little kids. I’m not sure why, besides grooming them. There is no other reason. And there is no shortage of grown-ass men dressed in drag that want to read to little kids. Has anyone asked the question as to why do these men volunteer to read to all these kids? I can answer that, it is for the attention, period. They want little kids to pay them attention and well, that is very wrong on so many damn levels.

Just don’t get gender confused with how you feel, that an actual gender is two entirely different things. You can be a male (XY chromosome) and identify as a female, as non-binary, or as a tree frog for that matter. That is your right, but you don’t need to ram it down everyone’s throat, you don’t need a parade and you don’t need to keep announcing it for attention. If you are a boy and you look like a boy but identify as a girl and someone calls you a boy, just deal with it. Either ignore it or politely tell them, there is no need for a scene.


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