New Rank Insignia In The Marine Corps

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New Rank Insignia In The Marine Corps

The Marine Corps has nominated SgtMaj Of the Marine Corps Troy Black to be the next Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC).

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC) is a distinct military position and rank within the United States Department of Defense and is designated the most senior enlisted service member, by position, in the United States Armed Forces. The SEAC is appointed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) to serve as an advisor to the Chairman on all matters involving joint and combined total force integration, utilization, health of the force, and joint development for enlisted personnel. The SEAC also serves as a spokesperson to leaders and organizations on applicable issues affecting the total enlisted force. At the discretion of the Chairman, the SEAC’s exact duties may vary, though the SEAC generally devotes much time traveling throughout the Department of Defense observing education, training and communicating to the total force, (active, reserve, retirees, veterans and military families). The SEAC’s tour of duty is normally 2 years and runs in conjunction with the Chairman’s tenure.  The incumbent SEAC may be reappointed for additional service. (source)

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps SgtMaj Troy Black

The new position for SgtMaj Black will come with a new rank insignia to signify that he is the SEAC. 

New USMC SgtMaj SEAC rank insignia
The new SgtMaj SEAC rank insignia, what do you think?

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