Target Is Going All In

Front of a Target shopping store
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Target Going All In

When you are a company like Budweiser, you don’t have anyone to hold your beer when you are ready to do something stupid. But if you are a company like Target and you want to show that you are more woke than Budweiser, then you simply ask Bud to hold your beer, and then you jump in with both feet into the woke deep-end.

FoxNews recently released a story about how Target one-upped themselves in the woke game and it seems that an organization that Target maintains views hostile to the US military, and seeks America to demilitarize itself.

After launching its pride clothing line for LGBTQ+ kids, causing its market value to drop over $9 billion (yep, with a “B“), Target decided that it wasn’t enough, it seems that Target is a major contributor to a group called “Glsen” that is pushing gender transitions without consent to school-aged children of all age groups. Could you imagine your elementary school-aged child getting a Gender reassignment surgery without your knowledge? And then to find out that the school was the one that was behind it all and did it all without your consent. We are not talking about getting a damn ear piercing or even a tattoo, we are talking about mutilating a child’s body for life.

But it appears that it isn’t enough for Target. It seems that their nonprofit foundation, which has been directed by the retail giant’s senior corporate treasurers, funds a group that is pushing for the shutdown of the U.S. Military as well as giving away U.S. sovereign land such as Mount Rushmore as it is an international symbol of white supremacy. The organization’s campaign “LANDBACK” called for America to give up its public land.

The funny thing about all this is if you ask most black Americans they will call all this bullshit and do not believe much of this white supremacy line.

They also donate to another group that claims that parents must teach specifically “White children” about systemic racism and to “see color.” It also claimed that capitalism maintained a role in perpetuating racism.

When will these large corporations realize that we control their purse strings and can make or break you? According to Anheuser-Busch InBev, Bud Light alone has lost a whopping $27 billion in market value. And that is just because they make a terrible choice and ran a promotion with transgender influencer Dylan Mulveney. Then they doubled down with rainbow-colored cans of Bud Lite.

I’m not sure what the companies are trying to prove. It hasn’t worked out well for Ford Motors after they promised to release a new special edition “Very Gay” Ford Raptor Ranger with a rainbow paint scheme.

The part that really bugs me about this is how the activists are pushing this down everyone’s throat. I was taught to keep my opinions to myself, but today, that seems to be the opposite and that the only correct opinion is their opinion and your opinion doesn’t matter. Just so you know, that is a bully and that is something that you claim you are against.
***NOTE*** I personally don’t give a crap, what you support, you have every right to support what you want, just don’t expect me to support the same causes, as I have every right to support what I want. In the cases Bud and Target, they don’t give a crap about what you support and what you believe. They are simply pandering to the group of people that they think will dump more money into the company via its products.
I just wish we would stop pandering to every little thing, they don’t care about your cause, they just want your money.

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