Farm Work Day


Farm Work Day

Today was another farm work day, the owner of the farm had paid a bulldozer operator that he knows, to clean up the fencelines, and a part of our field was being done today. I wanted to make sure that if anything got damaged, I could be there to repair it quickly. The night before, we moved the two miniature horses from the dry lot up to a stall in the main barn so they wouldn’t get hurt by the bulldozer. That actually opened up a whole chain of events that resulted in a minor injury to me. Maya, the third horse, did not like the fact that we moved her friends to the barn. Since we lost Justina, Maya has really had a hard time adjusting and is really missing her best friend and herd mate.

When I got back into the field after helping take the minis to the stall, Maya was going crazy, running back and forth and charging the gate. This is so not like her, she is normally a very lazy and quiet horse, what some would call an “easy keeper” (meaning she doesn’t require much effort). I didn’t pay her much attention as she is always quiet and I didn’t think that she would hurt me or even get that close to me. She actually “hip-checked me” and threw me into the corner of the field. Normally it wouldn’t have hurt, but with my Costochondritis, it hurt pretty well. I called my wife, who was still in the shall with the minis. She arrived and helped to calm Maya down some.

Farm work day

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