People With Two Faces

Two Faced People

People With Two Faces

We have all seen them, people with two faces, we have all been around them, and may even be in some type of relationship with them. The “them” I’m talking about are those people with two faces. No, I’m not talking about a person who has some nasty birth defect, I’m talking about the people that will stab you in your back the second they get a chance, just after they hugged you and said I love you. It’s as if they had the knife already behind their back when they went to hug you. This planet is literally full of these people.

My wife and I try to mentor teens and young adults whenever we can and over the years, there have been a good dozen or so, but that is coming to an end I fear. I don’t think she and I have it in our hearts any longer. The last go-around just didn’t work out so well for us. That is actually the first for us, normally the people we mentor, just grow up and forget about us. But in this case, the young person was a young adult when we met, we allowed this person to move into our home for a while until they could get back on their feet. And this was all during COVID-19 too.

This young person hurt me and my wife more mentally than physically, well there wasn’t any physical abuse, but there were all sorts of lies and a large monetary abuse. We really wanted this person to really do well in life, but that “doing well” must have meant something different to this person than what it meant to us.

I have known people who I thought were my friends and then they stab me in the back for a better opportunity. I have had that happen to me many times, in fact, more times than I care to count and some of them are very painful to reflect on.

In high school, one of my girlfriends who I was dating for 3-4 months, dumped me the day we were going to be at an all-day family event, that she said the wanted to attend. She dropped me for a guy that promised to take her that same day to Cedar Point Amusement park.

I have known people through my times in the Marine Corps, who promise to keep in contact, and the second you are gone, they forgot about you and talk about you behind your back.

I had a job, where I worked with people who I thought were my friends, and when I really needed them the most, they bailed on me, bad-mouthed me and about me, and forced me to leave and find a new job.

For me, I think I make contacts for life, when in reality that doesn’t exist outside of fairy tales. Everyone seems to always be on the lookout for a come-up. And since, I’m not the best-looking guy in the world and I don’t have a killer personality, I’m usually on the negative end of that “looking for a come-up“. Plus, I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of using others for my benefit. I had dated several girls in high school who throw buzz words around, like “I love you”, and “I want to spend more time with you”, and that shit is nothing more than lip service, telling you exactly what you want to hear, as they never had any intention of being with you for a few weeks or so, but that is just high-school games and that shit is way behind me, thankfully. And you can’t have someone in your corner who is just providing lip service.

Well to all those two-face people out there, you can all piss the hell off and go fuck yourself, I just don’t have time for you anymore, and with all my health-related issues, which cause lovely things like depression, I just can’t deal with them anymore.

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