Two U.S. Army Rappers

Army Rappers - Lamar Riddick and Nicholas Feemster
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Two U.S. Army Rappers

Rappers, are you freaking serious with this bull shit? I mean, you feel that having rappers amongst your ranks will make you cool and your recruitment numbers will go up? This is really grasping at straws. And furthermore, I’m sure that there are some very talented rappers already in your ranks.

Let me make this clear, I have nothing against the Army, well besides them being, well, the Army, but not everyone can be the Marines. I have nothing with rap or rappers, or these two guys. I do have a problem that someone wearing a ton of brass on their shoulders thought that this was a great idea. Yeah, you can have them in a band here and there, but as a full-time MOS, really? How does any of this make sense? How does this improve the overall combat readiness of the U.S. Army?

Alright, I will jump off my soap box, I understand that today’s military is not the same military that I was a member of 35 years ago.

I also find it hilarious that the Army Times references Coffee or Die (an online magazine owned by the Black Rifle Coffee Company – Black Rifle Coffee Company is owned by Army veteran Even Hafer) magazine as a source for the article about the two Army enlisted rappers. I mean, I guess they could have interviewed the two, themselves, but, nah, that would be too difficult for the Army Times. I mean, why bother, after all, you are supposed to be the primary source for Army news, sold at every Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) store and defense commissary.

I am however have to state that I’m so against recruiting people from outside the military. I’m sure, no I’m positive that there are some very talented individuals inside the Army that would have loved to have auditioned and performed with one of the bands.

I’m also glad to see that the pair are going through basic training. I have always had a problem with that in the Marine Corps, Presidents Own Band (United States Marine Band), where a majority of the members did not go through boot camp, they were basically hired to be in the band and automatically obtain the rank of E-6 (which is all for appearances). I get that they are super talented, but are there not real active-duty Marines that are talented like that? That is a story for another post entirely. 

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