Cancel Culture – You Want To Cancel Something? Cancel This!

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Cancel Culture - You Want To Cancel Something? Cancel This!

We want to cancel maple syrup, we want to cancel Spotify, we want to cancel this and that, because someone was offended and they can’t be an adult and learn to deal like the rest of us.

But we are all somehow OK with all this type of bullshit. We will filter someone’s remarks about COVID (Factual or No), we will let Facebook do what they want, and yet, we will not push to have some type of supervision or filter or control to stop this type of crap from being allowed to happen. This is not the first TikTok Trend that has injured or killed people. (source – Devner Gazette)

We have had the Black-out Challenge – This is the challenge where you end up holding your breath until you pass out. This action is sometimes to the point of brain damage or death. At least two children died from this game, a 10-year-old girl named Antonella and a 12-year-old boy named Joshua both died trying this challenge.

No one died that we know of from the Silhouette Challenge – where the person accepting the challenge strips nude, dances in a doorway, or poses sexy with a right red light behind them, this gives an appearance of a mysterious shadow that is seductive. The problem is people later edited the videos to clearly show the nude body and then blackmail the person doing the challenge.

We have the Penny Challenge – In this challenge, you slide a penny behind a partially plugged-in phone charger. The problem is that the penny will likely short out the two electrical prongs and could cause a fire. And a fire it did cause when a student from Plymouth North High School was accused of causing a fire after accepting this challenge.

Cha Cha Slide Challenge – Where you drive recklessly to the rhythm of the Cha Cha Slide song by DJ Casper. Of course, we can already see where this one is going to lead. Of course when the song states “Slide to left!” The driver steers into oncoming traffic and everyone has a great time, until……..

Tooth Filing Challenge – Alright, not even going there, you get the idea.

The Baby Swing Challenge – Where you jam your legs into a baby swing on the playground, often resulting in the fire department has to come and cut the challenger out.

Dry Scoop Challenge – Where you choke down a scoop of dry energy drink powder. Many end up having trouble breathing for a short period of time and cough up clouds of dust. One challenger ended up in the hospital after having a heart attack while doing this challenge.

Gorilla Glue Challenge – I don’t think we need to go into this one, it has already gotten it’s 15-minutes of fame when Tessica Brown glued her head, which is well, the part of the challenge, where you use the glue to glue things to your face.

Nutmeg Challenge – In an attempt to get high you consume large amounts of nutmeg. Some have had seizures from this challenge.

But, don’t worry, the world is a safer place now that we changed the logo on a syrup bottle.

Mia Haresonfyre

By Mia Haresonfyre

Greetings Earth People, I'm Mia and Joe is allowing me to post on his blog as a guest blogger, I sure hope he knows what he is in for. I wanted to post about some of my pet peeves and he told me that he already has a guest blogger for that section, so I'm going to post about etiquette. Now this isn't some stuffy how-to have a dinner party BS with a half dozen different forks, this is more along the lines of don't be an asshat type of etiquette. The dictionary describes etiquette as "the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.". I define it as, don't be that asshat that everyone hates.

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