Men Want To Be Wanted Too

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Men Want To Be Wanted Too

I know some people know this… but a lot don’t seem to respect it or acknowledge it.

A lot of time people point out the benefits men have in society and act as if they don’t have struggles.

There are so many things men enjoy that are belittled and looked down on. That we’re told makes us less manly.

Some like video games. Doesn’t make them any more of a kid than the man who loves football. Both are valid things for a man (or anyone) to enjoy.

Men enjoy affection, touch, hugs, and words of appreciation. The sappy stuff. But a lot are made to feel they shouldn’t like those things as if it makes them less of who they are…

One thing I’ve learned is that it honestly is more “manly” to be authentically yourself even if the things you enjoy aren’t deemed appropriate by some in society.

I know there are a lot of guys out there who want these things, want the freedom to truly express themselves, be it saying “I love you” to a close friend or hugging a friend.

To feel like their girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband thinks they are attractive… be reminded they are appreciated for all they do.

These things aren’t normal to a specific gender they are natural human desires.

To the men reading this: I hope you will have the confidence and self-worth to realize you deserve these things, ask for them, and allow yourselves to receive them.

To those with men in their lives reading this: I hope you will appreciate and consider all of this for the men in your life if you don’t already. (source)


Men Want To Be Wanted Too
Men Want To Be Wanted Too

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