Why Prepping

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Why Prepping

There are thousands of websites and blogs out there about prepping and I have read my fair share of them, but the one thing that I see that is lacking from most of them is a budget. They all seem to spend big bucks on this and that. But what about the rest of us that don’t have a huge budget, how do we prep? That is where this blog comes in, I hope to be able to help those of us that want or need to prep on a budget.

My wife and I want to be prepared for when life as we currently know it takes a major turn. Some shifts in political climates led us to this many years ago and now with events like the COVID pandemic, the hoarding of toilet paper and other supplies has only reinforced our belief that we need to be prepared for these types of events.

Currently, we live in a very unstable environment, with the far left and the far right both being radicalized, with foreign powers looking to grab more power, and with what seems to be a terrorist or someone wanting to cause harm around every corner, you need to make sure that you have supplies on hand to be able to survive.

Now how long you need to survive depends on the situation and how much you believe that your government is here to help. Take something like a disaster in a state or region of the US. We can use the December 10 tornado outbreak in Kentucky. FEMA, the American Red Cross, and other organizations came to the aid fairly quickly and helped those in need.

Now take something like the global COVID-19 pandemic, where the Federal Government was caught with its pants down and many states and local governments were not much help either. There were shortages of supplies, shortages of food, and price gouging and no one was there to help.

Now, what if it wasn’t COVID-19, what if it was something that was far more contagious and far more lethal than COVID-19? Who is going to come to your aid? If your government can’t get COVID right, they certainly will not get something more serious correct. You are going to have to fend for yourself at least for some part of it. That is where prepping comes into play.

Let’s imagine that COVID-19 was worse than it is, let’s say that 1 in 3 gets infected with it and 1 in 4 that get it to die from it, and the recovery period is many weeks. The hospitals are full, and the overflow for the hospitals is full. If someone in your family gets hurt, there is no 911, they can’t help and they are scared to get exposed. You will have to help your family member who got hurt. Or what if someone in your family contracts the virus and the hospitals are not taking new patients, then what?

Don’t think that can’t happen, it has happened in some regions with COVID-19. And the infection rate of COVID was more like 1-100.

Americans are dying because no hospital will take them

COVID Overload: U.S. Hospitals Are Running Out of Beds for Patients

A few years ago we would laugh if someone talked about such a scenario, and before Sept 11, 2001, we would have laughed if someone stated how easy it would be to crash planes into a building in the US. And before  December 7, 1941, we would say it wasn’t possible to take out half the US fleet in a single day.

It can and will happen, and if you want to survive then you need to start getting ready for the next big disaster. 

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