I feel Like a Drug Addict

drug addict
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I feel Like a Drug Addict

The way the current process is set up, I often feel like I’m a drug addict, or I’m doing something illegal when I have to take a narcotic prescription medication.

My doctor can only write the prescription for a certain amount each month and with no refills, though she and I  both know that I will very likely be taking them for a long time. The idea here is so I don’t become addicted or dependent on the medication.

The DEA and FDA seem to think that with proper management, exercise, diet, and over-the-counter NSAIDs, I will be able to manage the pain. Now, these recommendations are designed by people who are not in chronic pain, by people who have no idea and they seem to think that their silly recommendations will work.

I completely understand the opioid epidemic, which is caused by mismanagement of prescription opioid medications. However, like everything else in this country, the solution is to punish the masses. Instead of having some type of monitoring program, we came up with the idea of only allowing your doctor to write so many pills a month and then we ask the pharmacist to question why you need the medication that your doctor prescribed you. Mind you, the pharmacist is not qualified in any manner to ask you about your medical issues nor do they know your history, but sure, let’s have them inquire as to why you need these pills. Then let’s have them suggest that diet and exercise will cure what ails you.

Now, let’s make it so that every month you have to call your doctor and ask them for a refill, making you feel like you might as well be in a dark alleyway, wearing a long trench coat with stolen gold Rolex watches hung inside it. Then you will have to repeat the process with the pharmacist all over again. I have had to change pharmacies because some pharmacies are giving doctors a difficult time about writing you a prescription for a narcotic. I mean, seriously, who the hell are you to ask that of a doctor? Yes, I’m aware that a pharmacist has a Ph.D. as well as advanced education and specialized training. And so do four-time NBA champion, Shaquille O’Neal and so does MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, but I don’t want them involved in my medical issues.

Just because they have a Ph.D, doesn’t qualify them to be a medical doctor and practice medicine. My doctor, who in this case is my Rheumatologist, not only has her doctorate, but she also did a residency in a teaching hospital as well as an advanced degree in Rheumatology, which means that besides being a doctor, she went to additional education, then became board certified as well as practiced for many years besides a more experienced Rheumatologist. But please let’s get the pharmacist involved.


So now, I have to “beg” for my pain meds, then get questioned every month when I go pick them up at the pharmacist, which all makes me more than aware that I’m taking a narcotic, but also makes me feel like I’m doing something illegal every time I take a pill.

Not to mention that I need to sign every time I pick them up, so the DEA can track me to make sure that I’m not illegally taking the medication. Then, at work, I have to piss in a cup every few months and get questioned as to why a narcotic is showing up each time. I have to produce the prescription, sign some paperwork, and allow my doctor to get questioned by my employer. My employer, who really has no need to know what the fuck I’m going and why I’m doing it. As long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on my work, then they should not have any freaking concerns.

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