Cymbalta withdrawals – Part 2

Cymbalta® duloxetine HCI withdrawal
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Cymbalta Withdrawals - Part 2

I was sitting in the guest room bed, as that is where I have been sleeping due to the excessive night sweating I have been going through. I was all upset over nothing and I really mean nothing. I’m just crying my freaking eyes out. No one has said anything to me to make me upset, nothing is on my mind, I’m just alone crying for some reason, which is so not normal. I grabbed my phone and for some reason, I looked up Cymbalta withdrawal, I discovered that I’m not a nut bag and that Cymbalta withdrawal syndrome is a real thing, it last freaking forever practically, and low and behold I’m experiencing one of the symptoms. Ugh, this sucks, Cymbalta you freaking suck!!!!!

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  1. Avatar photo MissUnderstood says:

    OMG, you were on Cymbalta twice, didn’t you learn after the first time? Once was enough for me.

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