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How to keep an idiot busy - Hidden camera

Mini Spy Camera on

I am a little shocked at the overall availability of the micro hidden spy camera listings on the internet. In this case, is selling a hidden spy camera that is inside the head of a Phillips head screw. Yep, the head of a freaking screw. The idea here is that you drill a hole in the wall and fish the camera through the hole, and anyone looking at it will think it is a screw head and nothing more and go about their business.

Something like this would fit in well at a place that had screws already in the wall, like, hmmmmm, say a public bathroom or a changing room in a clothing store. In addition, the very first comment when I looked at this item was “It’s perfect for in the shower” and it has more than 400 reviews, which means that perverts all over the United States are buying these things and putting installing them everywhere. Moreover, from the looks of it, it appears that the bathroom and shower was the very first place that they are thinking of installing them.

This caused me to look on for other hidden spy cameras that they sell and wow. I’m not sure why you would bother with the whole screw head installation thing when you can buy a fully functional shower head with a hidden camera right in the middle of the jets or a stick-on clothing hook to put on the door. The hook has a micro-hole in it and behind that hole, is a camera, and behind that camera is a pervert. How about a camera in a fully working smoke detector, or the head of a lightbulb, or a tissue box holder, or a shampoo bottle? This means that just about everything in the bedroom or bathroom of a hotel or Airbnb could be a hidden camera and that some pervert is getting off beating his little pecker to you getting naked and taking a shower. And you don’t need anything but a credit card or PayPal account to buy this crap.

Have you ever found a hidden camera? Screw head camera

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