Philmont – Sister Crew Camera

Philmont Scount Ranch - Sister Crew Camera
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Philmont - Sister Crew Camera

Our sister crew was nice enough to send us a ton of photos that they took along the way at Philmont. Thank you, ladies. And for those curious, we are all still pretty much in contact.


    1. Thanks, but I can’t take credit for them, our sister crew was awesome and I’m still in contact with many of them today.

  1. Canon AE-1 35mm Camera allie_jones_05 says:

    a bear, that is so cool, did you get to see one, i would love to see one and give it a bear hug, haha

  2. Avatar photo Dustin Snell says:

    I’m loving the Philmont posts, but it must have really sucked having girls as your sister crew, lame

    1. Actually they sister crew arrangement worked out well. Most of the boys saw it as a way to mentor the girls, teach them and help them along the way. It worked out very well.

  3. Hallie Lockhart says:

    It looks like you all were having a wonderful time in the great outdoors.

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