It’s Not Who You Think

Screen shot from adult video, supposed to be President Biden and his daughter Ashley
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It's Not Who You Think

I kept running across these screenshots around the internet, claiming that the people in the video were President Joe Biden and an underaged girl. When I was doing research for a post, these grainy screenshots were everywhere. And all the captions were worded in such a way that it made it sound like creepy Joe was filmed with an underaged girl. The story was that this video was supposedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Though the video has been online for at least six years (though all the tweets pointed to a link on that was posted just three years ago), the internet didn’t go crazy about it until sometime in mid-2022 when someone made the collage and posted it to Twitter, claiming that the video showed President Joe Biden naked and engaged in sex and bondage with an underaged prostitute, while he was visiting “Lolita Island” (island owned by Jeffrey Epstein). The claim was that the video was found on Hunter’s laptop (President Biden’s son Hunter Biden) and on his hacked iCloud account.

Of course, the grainy screengrabs and misleading context fired the internet up. The longer the story was alive on the internet, the more interesting the story kept getting. As the story spun out of control, new rumors started to go around that the girl was supposedly Biden’s daughter, Ashley.

Just to demonstrate how these types of things spin so out of control, some of the tweets claimed that “The President of the United States showered with his daughter and people still blindly follow him #4chan #PedoPeter”. The sad part is there is no shower in the photo or in the video. But that story was easy to add to the controversy about the video as there were rumors floating around online that Ashley’s diary talks about him taking showers with her.

Many of the tweets were captioned with captions like: “So now you know why they wanted to have the laptop disappear. Hunter’s laptop. This guy looks familiar. Hmmmm.”. “This is Creepy Joe and a little girl on the island” or “Mainstream media isn’t talking about this so share this everywhere! #4chan #biden #pedopeter #PedoPete #HunterBiden #CORRUPTION #BidenFamily #BidenFamilyCrimes”

And if you know me in the slightest, you know that I can’t just accept that, I need to research this myself. This is the collage of screengrabs from the video.

Not Who You Think It Is

Video grab from a video supposedly showing creepy Joe

Wow, it does actually share a resemblance with him, but the grabs are so grainy that it could be me or you in the grabs. I’m fairly certain that I can get a cleaner and clearer image, I was watching the video on a Commodore 64 and took a photo of it with an old-school Kodak instant camera that someone took sandpaper to the lens and scratched up and then cleared the lens with vaseline. It always seems that these types of things come complete with a super grainy photo, I mean isn’t this 2023?

So I started to exercise some Google Foo and every single screengrab I found was the exact same. And since I couldn’t find any further details, I knew it was most certainly fake. If it were a real video containing Biden, then that video would be everywhere along with hundreds of stories debunking it. I mean would have several thousand posts about it since they are not the most politically neutral website out there. But I wasn’t happy, I needed to find the damn video to see for myself.

This time, I carved the collage up and only searched for small chunks of the collage. And after some more Google Foo, and a little Bing Bang and I still had nothing. Time to roll out the big dog and it is time to search with comrade And BINGO, I found the actual video. 

Screen shot from adult video, supposed to be President Biden and his daughter Ashley

Well hell, the actual video doesn’t really answer the question if it is actually creepy Joe or not, but it does answer the question of, whether it is NOT a little girl, it is very much a mature Taiwanese woman.  The video that I found was 3 minutes and 21 seconds in length and was uploaded 6 years ago (circa 2016) and it has been viewed some 57k times. 

The older man could be Joe Biden or the pizza delivery guy, who knows? The person in the video does have both nipples pierced with heavy jewelry and what appears to be a scrotum piercing as well as a large tattoo on his back of what appears to be a pair of large wings. There are no identifying marks on the female. The video itself was uploaded in 360p resolution.


When I started to close this post out, I ran across a tab that had a grab from what appeared to be the same video, but the scene was different than what was in the 3:21 video. Ugh, my OCD will not just let me leave it there, nope, I had to spend more time on Google, Bing, and Yandex. It seems like Yandex had the lock on this video. I managed to locate a much longer version of the video, which was 15 minutes and 47 seconds. It appears that the first smaller video is part of this longer video. This video doesn’t help to identify the people in the video.

Alright, just when I thought I could close this out again, I found a screengrab from what appears to be the same video, but the female is wearing a pink bikini top and the man is wearing yellow shorts. Ugh, this means that there is still more of this video out there. According to the metadata, it is 26 minutes and 38 seconds in length. 

Screen shot from adult video, supposed to be President Biden and his daughter Ashley

Ashley Blazer Biden

The female in the video looks nothing like Ashley, and she is clearly Asian and looks of Thai descent here are a few grabs from the video and some photos of Ashley for comparison.

Not Ashley Biden

Alright, I quit, I can not seem to locate the longer video

So lets for fun compare some photos of the real Joe Biden and this guy from the video.

President Joe Biden

Not Joe Biden

I also noticed that the man in the video is nearly bald.

Piercings and Tattoos

It is not publicly known if Joe Biden has pierced nipples and scrotum. Like the piercings, it isn’t publicly known if the President has any ink. However, there are some rather funny fake videos and photos online that show him all inked up. Including a large Delaware tattoo on his back.

Tattoo on the back

The male actor in the video has a shoulder-to-shoulder back tattoo that appears to look as if it is a pair of wings.

Photoshopped image of Biden with gang tattoos
Photoshopped image of Biden washing a 1981 Trans Am in the White House driveway from a 2009 Onion article
Photoshopped image of Biden washing a 1981 Trans Am in the White House driveway from a 2009 Onion article

I think he looks very similar to the President, but I don’t think this is him with an underaged girl on Lolita island like the internet claims it to be. But who knows, it could be “Nessy” or Big Foot for that matter. 

A photo published in 1934 of the Loch Ness Monster
Grainy image of Big Foot from a 1967 filmed by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin

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