The State Of Today’s Military – Part 1

Army Pup Ravage

The State Of Today's Military - Part 1

I’m seriously concerned about the state of today’s United States military. I know that most of those that serve are dedicated and still upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States. But I do worry about ass hats like this special Colonel, apparently, he goes by COL Ravage while wearing his mask.

This piece of work, not only has a strange fetish (apparently it’s called Puppy Play) and that is fine, but when you cross the line and bring your fantasies into your reality, that is a major problem. And it isn’t like this POS dressed up for Halloween or for an office party, nope, he dresses in his class A’s and has a professional photo taken like this, with the American flag on display over his right shoulder. And this opened the floodgates for other asshats to do the same thing, showing up all over Social Media in uniform, wearing their dog-themed bondage masks. It looks like you can purchase these masks online at places like Etsy.

Army Colonel wearing a dog bondage mask

According to Task and Purpose, there are dozens of similar photos showing soldiers in various stages of dress in their Army uniforms. And to make matters worse, this asshat is a full bird Colonel. So, let’s help out the Army CID and see what we can figure out (this isn’t my work, I’m just sharing it)

Army Colonel wearing a dog bondage mask

According to a hand full of posts on social media, it is believed to be Army Colonel Brian T. Connelly (retired). And if that is true, that makes matters worse in my opinion. We have this person who is no longer on active duty and he is posting photos like this that make the public think they are actually military personnel.

You know, I just can’t leave it here, so I looked up Puppy Play, and according to Men’s Health magazine, it is a popular kink for men.

Puppy play (a.k.a pup play) is a form of consensual, adult role-play popular in the gay leather community, where people dress up and embody the characteristics of a dog.

It seems like they dress up like a dog, including a tail, which is often part of a butt plug. They play around with other “dogs” and have fun and drink and eat out of a bowl. It appears that the “owner” of the pup or the “master”, does all the normal real dog things with them, except the sexual aspect of it. 

Alright, I will move on, here are some of the photos turning up online with military personnel in their dog attire.

According to USA Today and the Washington Times, there is more than one soldier being investigated. The Colonel and this officer (Frisco Fox Pup) replied congratulating the Colonel on his retirement. I guess Frisco Fox Pup thought at his name tag isn’t readable, damn you Photoshop.

This officer

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