Meet Sgt Carl Dekle

Sgt Carl Dekle

Meet Sgt Carl Dekle

Meet 100-year-old Marine Corps and World War II veteran Sgt Carl Dekle and Silver Star recipient. Fox 13 Tampa Bay interviewed Sgt Dekle on his 100th birthday on June 29, 2022.

First I want to say that I will not be bashing a fellow Marine in this post. In fact, I can really understand where he is coming from. I have only been out for 24 years and I’m only half the age of this man, but I feel for him and I can say that understand. For today’s elderly, they saw so many different things in their life that we can only read about in history books and we often only get one side of the story.

This Marine fought for his country and lost loved ones who were fighting for this country. He was born in 1922, that is 100 years ago, just imagine what he has seen and done. The United States, hell the world was a totally different place back then. We are talking about a totally different place, people were different, people were more respectful, and people kept to themselves and stayed out of other people’s business. He lived through the Great Depression, and several wars including WWII, he has lived through Presidents being assassinated, and he lived through segregation. Today we have to put up with shit like this (dancing on someone’s car) and this (taking down monuments)


I mean we are hell-bent on taking a maple syrup bottle off the shelves as if somehow that is going to make the world a better place. I mean, it is just a syrup bottle or pancake mix box. Yeah, I know the character is portraying an enslaved “Mammy” archetype. So what do we do, we burn it to the ground and I guess that makes the world a better place.

With gasoline being around $5.00 a gallon, the country has little to no faith in its leadership and you are a bigot if you have a problem with someone being homosexual. It’s not that someone may have a problem with homosexuality, but maybe they just don’t like you the person, or maybe how in your face you have to be about it. You can be homosexual and not have to push it on everyone, and shove it in their face.

Sadly, Carl passed away a few months after this video was recorded. You can read Carl’s obituary here.

Til Valhalla my brother

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