Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV – Episode 41

On Patrol - Live

Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV - Episode 41

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for the outstanding work you do every single day. Feel free to seek me out for any assistance that I may be able to offer. If you need a cold drink on a hot day, just knock and I or someone from my family will come to your aid. You have a thankless job, that many people do not understand. Thank you

Spotsylvania County, Virginia (where I reside) is being featured on On Patrol: Live, from December 2 thru Feb 4, 2023. On Patrol: Live is on Reelz and if you don’t have cable, then it is available on philo. Philo is a digital streaming service, for just $25 a month.

New episodes coming on Fridays and Saturdays.

This episode was S01E41 broadcasted on December 9, 2022. Camera crews tagged along with Deputy Tristen Burnett and Deputy Jessica DeLage. They featured five different incidents in this episode.

Deputy Tristen Burnett and Deputy Jessica DeLage
Deputy Dillion Jackson and Deputy Jorden Wichowski

** I will only mention the names of individuals who were arrested. Those arrest records are available online in several places and in the local news media as well.

This episode lasted 3 hours with Spotsylvania being featured for the first time around the 30-minute mark, of the episode.

Incident 1

Deputy Tristen Burnett – Warrant served on Studardan Lane

This cat was getting a ton of mentions, likes, and shares on social media. It was from the above incident. Even the camera man stopped to film the cat. 

Damn cat

Incident 2

Deputy Tristen Burnett making a traffic stop, ending at the Knights Inn (Market Street)

Incident 3

Deputy Tristen Burnett makes a traffic stop on southbound Salem Church Road, just before Harrison Road.

Incident 4

Deputy Tristen Burnett is providing backup for a traffic stop, on Gordon Road and Red Rose Village Drive. It appears that Mary Kiely, not only has a drinking and driving problem, but she does it with her children in the damn car. This isn’t her first offense either. 

Incident 4 (cont...)

We are back with Deputy Tristen Burnett and Mary Kiely on Gordon Road and Red Rose Village Drive. Mary was given the field sobritity test.

Incident 4 (cont...)

We are back with Deputy Tristen Burnett and Mary Kiely and she just failed the breathalizer test with a .144 BAC, where .08 is the legal limit. This means she is near twice the legal limit. And she has three kids in the car with her.

Incident 5

Deputy Jessica DeLage is on the scene of a shots fired incident, here someone shot at houses from a moving vehicle. This incident is on Highland Road off Chancellor Road (674). I love the one guy’s comment of “After 4 years in the military I think I got it”. I’m sorry, but there are Marines who have been in the Corps for 4 years and I wouldn’t trust them with a firearm, which means, I certainly don’t trust members of the other branches.

Incident 5 (cont...)

Back with Deputy Jessica DeLage on the shots fired incident. Sure enough, she found evidence of multiple shots fired of the 5.56 variety at least at one house in the neighborhood.

Special Note

While watching this episode, I noticed how dangerous some of the “professionals” can be if given the opportunity to run at the mouth. I’m not saying that all of the professionals on the show were like this, but there were several that seemed to have a chip on their shoulder and this allowed them to run off at their mouths. Please let me explain. A deputy from Volusia County, FL, was talking to someone he pulled over about Narcan (Naloxone). I just want to state for the record, that Narcan is not only given to illegal drug or fentanyl users. I and many other people who are in chronic pain have a prescription for it. In my case, I have it due to the narcotic pain medications that I have been prescribed to take.

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