Marine Turns to OnlyFans

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Marine Turns to OnlyFans

Those of us who have been in the U.S. military, especially the Marine Corps, can see exactly why she has such a large amount of military and veterans as her followers. And I’m not talking about her looks either.

In the Corps, there was/is a huge effort to keep male Marines from screwing everything in sight, but not the other way around. Let me explain some before you go high and to the right on me for that statement.

Sadly the military has a high, too high actually, history of sexual assault against women. In some organizations, it is almost as if it is condoned or accepted. I have known several female Marines who were sexually assaulted while on active duty, but that is all for another post at another time. This post is about Taylor Gunner, but first I want to explain my original statement.

I will take my second to last unit that I was in and use that as my example, only because I deployed with them several times and when I deployed with them, I resided in the barracks. The other times I lived in base housing with my family.

Marine Corps - SgtMaj - E-9

In this unit, we had approximately 80 enlisted Marines and about 10 of them were females. Of those 10 females two were married. The eight that were single, were mostly what we called barracks mattresses, meaning everyone slept with them, sad but true.

I recall one female Marine (who was married actually) and she got busted by her husband and the Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) (the senior enlisted Marine in the unit). Under the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice, the law book for the military), you pretty much have to be caught in the act in order to get charged with adultery. Her husband knew she was screwing around, he just wanted proof of the divorce. 

So he worked with the SgtMaj, who worked with me the barracks NCO to catch her in the act. The husband (who was a Marine also) flew from North Carolina to Iwakuni Japan and arrived one evening. He didn’t expect to catch her so fast. He called me and the SgtMaj when he arrived and they met up at the SgtMaj’s office sure enough, it didn’t take long as they saw her escorting a male into her room (which was not authorized, but she did it all the time). I got a call to show up at the SgtMaj’s office. From there I was asked to tell the DNCO (Marine on watch at the barracks) not to log the Sgt’s and SgtMaj’s presence into the logbook and to call PMO (base police) to the SgtMaj’s office. I was also asked to escort them to her room. Outside her room, with two MPs, I gave the key to the husband who opened the door and he surprised his wife in bed with another Marine. She was told to get dressed and for both Marines to stand at attention outside her barracks room door. She was then taken into custody by the two MPs. The male Marine was told to report to the SgtMaj’s office and wait for him to return. Soon she was charged with Adultery and was discharged from the Corps with a Big Chicken Dinner (a term often used for a Bad Conduct Discharge) and she was also soon divorced. The male Marine was reduced in rank and the Sgt (husband of the cheating female Marine) got to be free of that baggage.

That same deployment, a female Marine from another unit got busted along with a handful of male Marines and one female Marine for showing up in a porn videotape that was making the rounds on the base. 

During that same deployment, we had a huge investigation by NCIS when a married female Marine got pregnant on that deployment. She claimed that she was raped, but after the investigation, it was released that she and at least 12 other male Marines (some from other units on the base) were participating in various gang bangs with this female Marine. She wasn’t raped, she was a very willing participant in the gang bangs. For her efforts she and 8 other male Marines from my unit for discharged or reduced in rank.

DNCO Log book - I think things have gone wrong

So one deployment 3 of the 10 female Marines were caught up in sex scandals and those are just the ones that got caught. I know one female Marine that didn’t fool around on that deployment, or at least that is her story.

With the male-to-female ratio so vast, decent-looking females become very popular on base. They can pretty much choose any male they want. But most of them have no self-confidence because they are treated as an object and not as a person. Don’t get me wrong, the females are looking for sex, just like the males are. When you have 18-24-year-olds all together like this, sex becomes the one big thing they all have in common.

But when these females get out of the military, they have little to no self-confidence and no idea who they are as a person because they spent so much time being used. 

Taylor Gunner Dress Blues

Now back to Taylor Gunner, the Marine veteran in this article, she discovered that by showing a little skin, she could make money, and the money is huge. She was an enlisted Marine from Missouri. He got hurt on active duty and was medically retired. She went back to her life in Missouri and got her degree in accounting. But this wasn’t the life for her, he missed the Marine Corps, and she was bored just sitting at a desk.

Her then-boyfriend and she were in the swinging community. She posted a few raunchy shots of herself on Twitter, some in my military gear to look for prospective partners. The fire was lit and as she posted more photos, her self-esteem grew.

Today the 29-year-old former Cpl is now in the top 0.08% and has labeled herself “America’s Naughty Female Marine.” About 70% of my followers on OnlyFans are active military or veterans.

A good OnlyFans presenter can make more in a month than they would make in a year at a 9-5 job. As long as they have what the boys want, and in this case, Taylor has several features that the young Marine wants, and two of those are her large breasts and her pretty eyes. Personally, I think she was much more attractive when she was in uniform as the way she is currently making herself look isn’t very flattering in my opinion.

Taylor Gunner - USMC

And she donates a portion of her income to veteran charities and wants to make a difference in supporting veterans’ mental health. And on top of all this, she is smart as shit too.

But then again, I’m not online buying memberships to OnlyFans, so my opinion really doesn’t count. I really wish her well and I hope that she banks the money, because, in a few years, she will likely get bored with this lifestyle and want to settle down and do something else. In the meantime, make your millions girl!

I know that all of you men out there are getting ready to Google her to find her content and BTW, she is taken. Well, I saved you a little time:

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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