Air Force PT is the hardest

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Air Force PT Is The Hardest

This poor young zoomie is so confused about what is hard PT.

I’m sure that Staff Sgt. Christopher R. Gordon, honestly believes that the Air Force PT and Boot camp are the most difficult. Especially, when you have nothing to compare it to. SSgt Gordon is a military training instructor or MTI, and at the time of this video series, he was attached to the 737th Training Group.

Regardless of how badass he thinks he is and how tough the Air Force PT seems to him, I do want to thank him for his service.

Now to set the record straight, we will base this on a male recruit who is 18 years old.

Marine Corps Physical Requirements
Now I know some things have changed in the 20-plus years that I have been out of the Corps, but Thank you to the interwebs for setting me straight. In the Marine Corps, a recruit must complete two minutes of crunches with the minimum being 70 and 105 being the max to get the highest score. Then comes the pull-ups, now these are dead hang pull-ups, and the minimum is 4 and the max is 20. They now do push-ups as well with the minimum being 42 and the maximum being 82. The final element is a 3-mile run (my weak spot) with the minimum time being 27:40 and the maximum being 18:00. If a recruit can achieve all the maximum levels, he/she will have 300 points, which is a perfect score. I’m not a runner, never was a runner, and never will be a runner, so my personal max was 270 points. But the airmen in the video state that it is the hardest when it comes to PT standards and that their standards are higher. The Marine Corps is in the middle of testing some new elements that are less impact on the human body. About damn time!

Army Physical Requirements
A recruit in the Army must pass the Basic Training Physical Fitness test, which consists of two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and a timed, two-mile run. To complete boot camp, recruits must score at least 50 points in each event, for a total of 150 points. That is 35 push-ups, 47 sit-ups, and 16:36 on the two-mile run. All those standards are far below what the Marine Corps standards are. I do however like that the Army is migrating to the New Army Combat Fitness Test, which includes a deadlift; Standing Power Throw; Hand-Raised Push-ups; 250-meter, sprint, drag and carry; leg tuck, and a two-mile run. This is so much easier on the human body since most are less impacted.

Navy Physical Requirements
The Navy PRT consists of two-minute push-ups; two-minute sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run or 500-yard swim. I’m not going to get into scoring, as the Navy has never claimed to be tougher than the Marine Corps or the Army.

Air Force Physical Requirements
They have one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups (now crunches), and a 1.5-mile timed run. OMG, that sounds so tough. And let’s not forget that they have a bike option in there.

So let’s see how a Marine does on the Air Force PT test

And for fun, let’s see the Air Force do the Marine Corps PFT

*** And for all those that say that the above is not accurate, it is accurate from the time I drafted this based on the information I have ***
*** The history of the Air Force video claiming that Air Force PT is harder than the Marine Corps can be found here ***

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