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IP Neighbors

What exactly are IP Neighbors? An IP neighborhood is a list that is comprised of every website that shares an IP address, and not all neighbors are good neighbors.

If one of your neighbors is spamming, hosting malicious software, or distributing malware (viruses, spyware…), then search engines may block your website for their search listings. Even worse, some ISPs may block the IP of your server from being accessed by computers on their network. This means that you lose potential customers just because of your IP Neighbors.

Another thing to consider about your neighbors is how much traffic and CPU load are they putting on the server. If they are a website that gets a ton of traffic, that may slow the server down, thus slowing your website down. Studies show that people will abandon a slow website in favor of one that is performing better (one of your competitors). If the website is really taxing the CPU, this could also slow your website down.

The slow performance also can have devastating effects on your SEO.

Here are some of the more popular tools used to spy on your IP Neighbors.

**NOTE** I used the actual IP address of the AverageJoeWeeekly website. I also disabled Cloudflare on the site so that wouldn’t skew the results.

As the owner of this server, I know the following information about the websites on the server:

  • Currently, that server is hosting 54 different/unique websites
  • 5 websites on the server are using Cloudflare, which will likely cause a reserve DNS tool to not accurately account for those websites

I used the IP address of the server that AverageJoeWeekly is hosted on ( and it returned that not all reverse DNS query tools are created the same, here is what I found:

IP-Neighbors – https://www.ip-neighbors.com/

  • Details about the location of the server were accurate
  • All the IP information, including the IP Neighbors, didn’t return any results

DNS Queries – https://www.dnsqueries.com/en/ip_neighbors.php

  • This site returned only 12 domains that are hosted on the server
  • The list does show some old data

Site Dossier – http://www.sitedossier.com/

  • It showed 16 domains
  • The list does not show any actual domains hosted on the server, the data is 100% inaccurate

IP Neigbours – https://www.ipneighbour.com/#/lookup/

  • It only showed 3 domains on the server
  • The list is 100% accurate, just missing a ton of data

Security Trails – https://securitytrails.com/

  • Requires a free account
  • It shows every domain hosted on the server
  • It includes subdomains, which no other site did
  • The data is 100% accurate

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