Is Age Just a Number, What Next?

Age is just a number
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Is Age Just a Number, What Next?

I try very hard to keep this blog as politically neutral as I can, but I just feel the need to state a few obvious issues with the state of the US and the world.

The United States is really in a shitty spot in our timeline, we have lost total faith in our Government and our President, whose approval rating is around 30%± (depending on the poll and timeframe you check it), which is incredibly low (though it has been lower in U.S. history). The U.S. Supreme Court’s approval rating is at one of the lowest points in history as well. Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to declare war on Ukraine and is threatening to use nukes. Little psycho General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-un just launched a missile over mainland of Japan and he keeps running his mouth that he has nukes. We have COVID that just won’t freaking go away. And now, if that all isn’t enough, we now have monkeypox to worry about.

You can’t say anything on social media, without someone being offended and what you say being fake-checked, I mean fact-checked, and then being thrown in cyber jail. Parts of Florida are a total wasteland, due to a devastating hurricane. And more families than ever before in modern history are living paycheck to paycheck, with many classifying as homeless. And our governmental leaders are voting to spend more and more money.(as of September 8th, we have ‘sent’ $15.2 Billion) by sending huge money to Ukraine and to other countries, while ignoring our own homeless problem.

We are falling apart and we need someone to bring this country together. Someone who is a leader, someone who will stand up to the other crackpots who are busy screwing up their own countries. And our totally clueless President just announced that he will run again in 2024. This crackpot is 79 years old, which will make him 82 years old around inauguration day if elected.

When did the office of the President of the United States become an old man’s game? The Constitution states that they must be at least 35 years old and maybe it is time to amend it to have an age limit, we can call it an expiration date or maybe a best-if-used-by date. I remember thinking that Ronald Reagan was old and he was elected at age 69 and left office at 77. But Joe Biden was 78 when he was elected, which means that he is officially the oldest President, and was elected at an age that was older than any other President was, when elected. I think that the President needs to be someone in their 40s or 50s. In no way am I saying that someone that age can’t do the job, but the wear and tear on them physically and mentally must be incredible.

The average age at Inauguration for the 21st century is 62.3 years, which is nearly 10 years higher than any other century average. I’m not saying that age doesn’t come with experience, I’m saying that it is just too much for someone of that advanced age to effectively handle. President Biden has either dementia or Alzheimer’s as the man is most often totally lost and clueless and that is a huge embarrassment when we are on the world stage.

You can dislike President Trump all you want, but he stood firm on the world stage and that was a very nice change from when President Obama was in office. In this mixed-up and confusing world, we need to make sure that we can take care of our own and stand tall and firm on the world stage.

I guess age is really just a number, as our President has already stated ‘She was 12, I was 30’.

She was 12, I was 30
She was 12, I was 30' Biden leaves viewers stunned in teachers speech - September 23, 2022

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