I’m Going Give Him Six-Months – President Biden’s Age

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I'm Going Give Him Six-Months - President Biden's Age

First of all, I’m not wishing anyone harm, and I’m not wishing for harm to come to my beloved America, but, looking at President Biden over the past few weeks, I’m giving the man six months until he either passes away or is no longer able to fulfill the duties as President of the United States.

Here is a photo of President Biden and Governor Newsom, dated September 2021. He looks so old and frail and well looks like a man who is 80 years old.

Looking So Frail with Governor Newsom
President Joe Biden and Governor Newsom
Here He is Stumbling Not Only Verbally But Also Physically
Recently Forgetting To Salute As He Boards Air Force One
Falling Up Air Force One Steps
Falling At the US Air Force Academy Graduation

Sadly the crowd even cheers when he falls, how humiliating for the U.S.

Can't Get His Jacket To Work
Falls Off His Bicycle
Stumbles Down the Stairs
Stumbles Up The Stairs Again, This Time In Poland
Getting Lost and Confused - Oh Wait A Baby
Getting Lost At The AIr Force Acedemy Graduation
No Having A Single Clue On The World Stage At the G7 Summit

And this doesn’t even cover the number of times he forgot what to say, and where to go. Turning around and shaking hands with no one, forgetting where he is at. The man is just too old to be President. It is so embarrassing for the country.

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