Confused Kindergarteners


Confused Kindergarteners

Where does this foolishness stop? Seriously, teaching 5-6 years old about gender, sexuality, and anatomy, is for the parents to decide not the school system. Are we teaching the kids that Santa Claus isn’t a real person too?

“Person with a penis” or “person with a vulva”, you are assuming that they are a person aren’t you, maybe they are a fucking tree or a basket of fruit or a cat or dog. I’m mean, I’m downright offended that you assume that a child has to be a person. Then we are assuming that that same person/tree/basket/cat/dog has either a penis or a vulva.

I’m so damn old that there were only two genders and if you were poor, your gender was decided for you at birth. Nowadays these rich person/tree/basket/cat/dog can choose their own gender. Apparently, according to Google there are 72 genders, but I really don’t want to go there, I’m still trying to figure out the whole person/tree/basket/cat/dog thing.

Are we not sending the wrong signal to these kids, by telling them that you can be any gender and have any body type that they want? What if a little male, er, I mean person/tree/basket/cat/dog with a penis wants to be a girl with a girl body and then does something stupid like hack off the person/tree/basket/cat/dog’s own penis. Or maybe a person/tree/basket/cat/dog with a vagina, who has started puberty and self-mutilates the person/tree/basket/cat/dog’s own breasts. I mean the “screwing with the kid’s head” options are nearly endless now.

I for one would like my children (who are adults now) to grow up and be children and not worry about what gender they are or worry about if they are a person/tree/basket/cat/dog.

This is just stupid and what scares me is that this is actually happening.

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