5 Guys and Grubhub

5 Guys and Grubhub+
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5 Guys and Grubhub+

My wife and I were not feeling the best, we didn’t want to be around people, so we decided to make it a night in. Through our Amazon Prime membership, we had a free year of Grubhub+. She decided on Five Guys and sadly that was a huge mistake. If you have ever eaten at Five Guys, you know it is insanely expensive for a simple burger and fries, but you can’t compare it to a McDonald’s burger and fries. And if you have ever eaten a Five Guys you are aware of how they do their fries, they always overfill the cup and then put a ton more in the bottom of the bag. So why would I expect anything else when I ordered Five Guys via Grubhub?

We have very limited experience with Grubhub, using it once when we were in Charlottesville and that wasn’t a great experience, but we decided to give it another try.

We placed our order and it was supposed to arrive at 1:03 pm. When 1:03 p.m., came, I looked at my phone and it was updated to 1:30 p.m. WTF, so I looked at the map and the driver was previously at Five Guys 10 minutes ago and now he is clear on the other side of town. It appears that he took several orders including ours and he is delivering those first. That isn’t a terrible thing, but I want fresh food.

The way that GrubHub works, is you pay your tip upfront, so if someone tips you better than as the delivery person, you have the option to deliver someone ahead of someone else. If I tipped say 15% and you tipped say 20% then as a delivery person, I would choose to suck up to the 20% person because they are big tippers, who might tip more. Plus you can look out for orders from this person and snag them quickly before someone else does.

When our food finally arrived, the driver made a bullshit excuse as to why he was on the other side of town, “Man, the GPS took me to the wrong place”. The funny thing is when I copy and paste the address from the app into the GPS, it comes up correct every time.

Alright, I have my two bags of food in my hands and I go into the kitchen put them down, and open them up. And this is what I go, are you freaking serious?

Not only did we get screwed out of fries, I mean I paid $7 for about 20 pieces of fries. Plus everything was cold, and that just sucked. I gave feedback to Grubhub, who gave us a $7 credit on our next Grubhub order. I also reached out to Five Guys, who sent me an email stating that my next meal is on them. Of course, I have no clue how to use this credit at Five Guys, because it is just an email with no instructions. I replied and asked how to get the credit and they never answered me. So this should be fun.

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