A Quick Look at Coinbase

Coinbase and Bitcoin

A Quick Look at Coinbase

I am avoiding online investing currently, as the market is in the toilet and so is the world of cryptocurrency. However, I want to talk about Coinbase. If you have not heard of Coinbase, they are an online Cryptocurrency exchange, that allows you to buy and sell and trade in cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a U.S based company but is entirely online, which was founded in mid-2012. They are the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, based on trading volume. They are also traded on the NASDAQ.

One of the really cool things about Coinbase is that when you sign up and complete the signup process including linking your bank account, you will receive $5 in free cryptocurrency. And to top it off, they have online learning sessions (called Coinbase Earn) that take about 15 minutes to complete and when you are finished you are awarded alt cryptocurrency for the type of alt cryptocurrency you just learned about. I have approximately $50 in free currency so far and I have not spent a single dime. In addition, if you do not want to take the time to learn about the types of currency, you could just Google the answers, but you did not hear that from me. In my case, I am all about learning something new.

Coinbase is a smart choice in today’s cryptocurrency world. In addition, I recommend that you keep your cryptocurrency diverse and their model of giving you free coins really helps you learn that concept.

One thing that tends to scare people away from Coinbase is they (along with other companies in the same business) will ask to link your bank account and ask for your Social Security Number (SSN). The link of the bank is so you are able to transfer your crypto into real money or vice versa. The SSN is a Federal income tax requirement, as Uncle Sam wants his piece of the pie too. So do not let that scare you from trying them, it is free too.

Coinbase is not without its issues, they have had some negative publicity in the past few years. In 2018, they had a glitch in their software that overcharged some individuals. However, this was rectified. In December 2021, they received a ton of negative publicity, when they froze the cryptocurrency GYEN due to a sudden price spike. This resulted in some traders losing money.

Try them and use this link and we both get a free bonus as well. In addition, they are available via the web and they have an Android and iOS app.


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