Did Apple Music Make Phil Collins Look Older?

Phil Collins
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Did Apple Music Make Phil Collins Look Older?

For some unknown reason, Apple Music modified the Face Value album cover to make Phil Collins look older.

Face Value Album Cover
Phil Collins is the drummer and vocals for Genesis and for his solo career. Phil is one of only three recording artists, along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, who have sold over 100 million records both as solo artists and separately as principal members of a band.

Granted, Phil is aging and not doing it very gracefully. For the “Last and Final Genesis” tour (March 2022), Phil, who is 71 years old, sat in a chair in the center of the stage. In the final concert held in London, Phil walks out to center stage using a cane to help steady him when he walks. Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, who are the same age as Phil walked onto the stage without any aid. Now in Phil’s defense, he has a whole host of medical issues, including a nerve problem in his left hand, hearing loss, and several injured vertebrae in his upper neck which have led to crippling nerve damage, and if that isn’t enough, he also suffers from acute pancreatitis that ended his drumming career. Phil also has type 2 diabetes.

Genesis – Full Live Concert at ‘The O2’ London – March 24, 2022
Play Video about Phil Collins concert video

Genesis was formed in 1967, by Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Anthony “Ant” Phillips, Mike Rutherford, and drummer Chris Stewart. Phil Collins actually didn’t join Genesis until 1970. But Phil gained his fame after his first solo project “Face Value” and his mega-hit “In The Air Tonight”. And if you are going to listen to “In The Air Tonight” then you need to see this performance which is taken from the 2005 “Finally…The First Farewell Tour”. I love how he uses the entire stage and slides into his drum kit just in time, to hit the skins.

Phil has always had a very “relaxing” and “down-to-earth” stage presence. Often sitting on the edge of the stage, if he isn’t behind his drum kit.

Whether touring with Genesis or as a solo act, up until 2010, you would often see Chester Thompson behind another drum kit on the stage, joining as a touring drummer in 1977. Chester was the touring drummer for both Genesis and Phil Collins, and he and Phil would often treat the fans to a drum-off. In 2010 Chester and Phil had some differences and Chester left the band and hasn’t talked to Phil since. Apparently, Phil had problems with Chester’s drumming on the “Going Back” tour. It is a shame because those two have some chemistry together, at least behind the drum kits. Here are several awesome videos of them drumming together.

Phil Collins & Chester Thompson – “Live at Wembley Stadium” 1987
Play Video about Phil Collins & Chester Thompson
Play Video about Phil Collins and Chester Thompson

In the last few years, Phil’s son, Nic, now plays in Phil’s spot for Genesis.

But I need to circle around and get back to why did Apple Music decide to modify the cover art? It turns out that it wasn’t Apple Music, but it was Phil Collins himself. In 2016, Phil reshot all of his original album covers as part of the reissues of these albums. That is pretty cool actually, Kudos to Phil, and sorry Apple Music, I didn’t intend to accuse you.

Face Value Album Cover

Hello I Must Be Going album cover

No Jacket Required album cover

Both Sides album cover

Dance Into The Light album cover

Testify album cover

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