What in the Hell did I write?

Chicken Scratch

What in The Hell Did I Write?

I not only have terrible “chicken scratch” handwriting, but I also have CRS (Joke for Can’t Remember Shit), so I often will look at a note that I wrote and say “What in the hell did I write”? In fact, I’m sure I waste more time per day trying to decipher my writing than I do, actually writing the notes themselves. So I have to live by notes in order to remember what I have to do hour-to-hour and day-to-day. And I mean I LIVE by my notes. I have them everywhere and I mean everywhere, both at work and at home. I keep them organized and that is a problem for me, it is more me trying to decipher hieroglyphics at times.

I would rather be able to type my notes, but I can’t have a mobile device at work as I work in a classified building and mobile devices are not authorized.

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