Tripping over air / Bumping into corners

Tripping over air
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Tripping Over Air / Bumping Into Corners

Since all this started I have had periods of time where I run into the corners of the wall with my shoulder and then bounce off and move on my way. Not sure what the issue is really since medically, all the doctors tell me that I’m fine and there is nothing wrong. My family usually just tells me that I’m getting older and it is normal. I’m sorry, but hitting a wall while walking is not normal. But I move on.

Recently I have been tripping over the air and bumping into corners more often. I have always caught myself when I do this and don’t get hurt, but I’m sure it is very amusing to an outsider to watch. I probably look like I’m drunk and if I was pulled over by the cops, I’m sure I would fail the walk straight line test since I can’t walk one normally.
Since there officially isn’t anything wrong with me, I just move on and chalk it up to the great mystery that is me.

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