The Case of the the Dropsies

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The Case of the Dropsies

Ugh, it seems that everything I touch today gets dropped. Well, almost everything. I have dropped a candle (unlit) onto the glass top stove, good thing nothing broke. I dropped a bottle of olive oil onto the floor and smashed the metal lid, but the glass bottle didn’t break. I broke the tip off a paring knife. The only thing I managed to not drop is a newborn goat. It was in the field next to the wee board our horses had two newborn kids in it, so we helped the farmer move the mother and her two babies out to a smaller field until the babies grow.


  1. Avatar photo MissUnderstood says:

    I have been there as well, just be thankful that nothing serious was broke. A knife tip and a lid to a bottle it no big deal. Good thing you didn’t drop the baby goat.

  2. Red 6" heels SexyShoes90 says:

    Obviously having MS, I often drop things as well. It is so frustrating. I nearly dropped out baby a few years back and got lucky and caught him by his art with my cat like reflexes (OK, I simply got lucky). Glad you didn’t drop the baby goat.

  3. Canon AE-1 35mm Camera allie_jones_05 says:

    i have had days like that as well they suck i always thought it was just me

  4. I know much of it is your illness, but trust me, it only gets worse with age my brother.

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