Rough Start to Trip – Part 3

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Rough Start To A Trip - Part 3

Well at this point, the trip is almost complete, but for lack of a better title. So it has been an interesting day. So planning for this trip, I stumbled into a problem with the Defense Travel Service (DTS) website. I’m going to training at Annapolis Junction and though there are hotels in Annapolis Junction, the closest hotel that I could get was 15 minutes away in Laurel, so there is that, which should have told me it was not going to be fun trip. Now back to the trip and today. I get up this morning to find that my phone has 5% battery life left and that even though I plugged it in, it was unplugged this morning. Not sure how, but that has happened twice already and nothing else on the nightstand had been touched. I guess my phone just didn’t want to charge and needed a vacation. For the past two nights around 10 p.m., a bus pulls up to the front of the hotel, where I’m on the fourth floor, right up front and center. The bus unloads a herd of teenagers along with adults. And every morning around 7 a.m. they are all herding up and down the halls (just like the night before) and then crowding into the breakfast area, making it totally impossible to use the area for my breakfast.

After my shower this morning, I walk out and I’m greeted by a bumble bee, who decided that he liked my room and wanted to stay. I kindly helped him out of the room, via the illegally open window (they had screwed in a bracket to keep them closed, I liberated that bracket rather quickly).

I get back from class and ran nearly an hour and a half longer than the days before, to see that the maid had been in my room for the second day, even though I have the do not disturb sign on the door. I guess she can’t read English either. I decided to order my meal and test out Door Dash. For my first visit I give them 5 stars, they said it would be delivered at 6:32 p.m. and it was delivered 10 minutes early. I sit down to eat and realize that I’m on the flight path tonight for BWI, so I get to watch (cool) and hear (not so cool, got my fill of jets in the Marine Corps, thank you), the planes landing at BWI all night long. Plus the damn TV is all sorts of jacked up tonight. I love this trip so far (NOT). But as I was watching the planes fly over a red heart balloon flew by, so someone must love me :).

I sit down to check my email and write this post to find that my mouse is dead, ugh, and then I hear a gunshot in the distance. So much fun, I can’t stand it 🙂

And I have a test tomorrow!!!

Here are some more photos that I have taken this evening.


  1. I love the sign in the stairwell. Duh, thanks for the guidance Lt.

  2. Red 6" heels SexyShoes90 says:

    WOW, no job, this trip is sucking for you, so sorry, trips are supposed to be fun.

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