Rough Train Tracks Galore

Engine 1603 making it's way down the tracks
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Rough Train Tracks Galore

I’m sure you have seen this photo or video on the internet many of the photos are memes. You probably think like many others have, that these tracks are in some backwoods area in India or someplace like that. You might also think that it was all fake. Though this looks fake, it is indeed real and as a child, I had walked along those tracks several times, when visiting my cousins who lived in Defiance and Napoleon. Right behind where my grandparents lived, were the old CSX rails and I spent many hours walking, smashing pennies, and goofing off on those tracks. 

The tracks are part of the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad (formerly the Maumee and Western Railroad) now owned by Patriot Rail (since 2022) that operates between Liberty Center, Ohio, and Woodburn, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Pioneer Rail Corporation. When Pioneer Lines purchased the railway, some of the tracks laid in 1890 had not been maintained since the early 1970s. I do have to admit that Patriot Rail, has a badass logo.

Patriot Rail logo

The 58 miles of tracks were once part of the Wabash Railroad, which operated between Toledo, Ohio, and New Haven, Indiana.

A Reddit user found these images on Google Maps of the rail line (1, 2, & 3)

Screenshot some of the worst tracks
World's Worst Railroad Track & the Story of the ND&W Railroad
Pioneer Lines #1603
Pioneer Lines #1603

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