Physical Therapy On My Shoulder

Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy On My Shoulder

I started PT for my right shoulder, the one that I injured, trying to catch the round bale of hay. It is sort of humorous as I was describing to him my medical conditions and he was seriously doubting that I have them. His line of questioning and his comments really led me to believe that he feels that I’m full of shit. I guess he has never had a patient who has autoimmune disorders. He said, something along the lines of how is someone with Fibro, moving 700-pound bales of hay? He obviously wasn’t at all schooled in Rheumatoid arthritis and Costochondritis, as he never commented on them, but he really hit on Fibromyalgia and acted like it is crippling. I mean, I’m sure it is for some people, but I have a mild case of Fibro, and my Costo and RA are much worse for me.

Back on the PT session, he is really bugged by the moving the bale of hay thing with Fibro, I told him that they aren’t that heavy, well let me rephrase that, they are 700 pounds, but we are simply pushing/pulling it out of the truck bed and letting gravity take the wheel. When I remove the tailgate of the truck, the bale only needs to be pushed about 2 feet, and then it is coming down if you like it or not. We let it drop and then move it by tractor once we have them all delivered. The farm that we are buying the hay from, loads them in the bed of our truck and if we are getting a large load, we are picking those up in a larger trailer. We actually borrowed a friend, his logging truck, and a trailer.

Usually, I back my pickup truck into the field, where we are storing the hay, I remove the tailgate (I’m not sure what the weight limit is and it is my daily driver. My wife pushes from the back and I pull from the front on the opposite side as her. With very little effort, it rolls out and falls to the ground and is the cinderblock I have set up for the backstop. It is very easy and quick.

Wish me luck at PT.

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